The Grand Moose Antlers

One of the largest, yet wonderfully graceful, wild animals in Lithuanian forests – Moose (also known as European Elk) – is fairly known as the King of the Baltic forests. It is one of the oldest animals in existence, often referred as a symbol of majesty and dignity.

Only bull moose have antlers, which are shed annually during the winter, after rutting season, in order to conserve energy for the winter. An adult bull moose begins to regrow antlers in the spring. As antlers grow, they are covered with velvet, full of tiny blood vessels carrying oxygen and other nutrients to antler tips, allowing them to grow about 2.5 centimetres every day. It takes three to five months for antlers to fully develop, making them the fastest growing animal tissue in any mammal. By late summer or early autumn, once antlers are fully developed, the velvet falls off, leaving the bull moose with a pair of solid-bone antlers.

No animals are harmed or killed to recover the antlers, used for MOOSE AMBER fine jewellery production

Since Palaeolithic Age antlers were used for making artefacts or details requiring greater toughness because of its dimensions and properties and was regarded as a complex symbol and a desired trophy for many millennia. Willingness to bring new life to jewellery pieces made using our indigenous material – naturally shed antlers of the Majestic King of the Baltic Forests, as well as to promote intangible cultural heritage and unique properties antlers are endowed with since ancient times – were few of our key purposes since the foundation of MOOSE AMBER.

Since antlers are shed naturally, there is no reason to harm or kill an animalto recover antlers for further use. Natural sheds can be found in the lands where moose roam free during the winter shed season. Surprisingly, antlers are not as solid objects as one might imagine. They are porous inside, with only a hard-external coating to stand up to the rigorous of combat. Antlers may consist of grey or tan, and more rarely, green, pink or purple colours, depending upon where the antlers lay and for what period of time they were exposed to the elements.

MOOSE AMBER uses only 100% ethically sourced naturally shed, premium quality moose antlers

Each and every moose antler accessory at MOOSE AMBER is produced from 100% naturally shed moose antlers. All pieces (as well as other materials used for our products, like Baltic amber and sheepskin hide) are not only deliberately and ethically sourced, but also have to pass rigorous visual and tactile quality controls before and after the production process. More, as we oversee the entire process from raw material procurement and design to manufacturing and distribution, we are certain about the exceptional quality and uniqueness of our products.

Inspired by great life-long respect for tradition, indigenous sublime materials and age-old intricate craftsmanship MOOSE AMBER is fuelled to create and offer a dazzling assortment of distinctive, personal, contemporary moose antler pieces with a classic connection to the past for the most discerning of clientele. The high quality of our one-of-a-kind moose antler designs is guaranteed by International Moose Antler Jewellery Association (IMAJA), which was founded and run by some of the most knowledgeable experts in the world. We are also proud to be one of officially renowned members of this authoritative organization.