Lithuanian company MOOSE AMBER was founded with the aim to preserve ancient jewellery handcrafting technology, used by the Baltic tribes more than few thousand years ago. More, it sought to promote intangible cultural heritage as well as unique properties and beauty of genuine local raw materials: national gemstone – amber (also known as Lithuanian Gold) and antlers of the King of Baltic forests – moose.

Ethical ✦ Meaningful ✦ Exquisite ✦ One-of-a-Kind

We are passionate about responsibly sourced, supremely handcrafted, uniquely beautiful fine jewellery and art pieces from sublime materials, bound to be desired, valued and enjoyed for generations to come


Blending expertise with a penchant for the extraordinary, MOOSE AMBER designs, manufactures and markets an extensive range of truly bespoke handmade jewellery and art pieces, exhibiting the highest standard of quality and craftsmanship. Today MOOSE AMBER brand is one of the leading Baltic Amber and Moose Antler Design Houses, focused to create ethical, meaningful, exquisite, one-of-a-kind pieces for clients to enjoy for generations. Customers from all parts of the world highly appreciate the unparalleled quality, supreme artistry, contemporary design, competitive price and even magical powers, attributed to the sublime materials, which are used to create unique, desirable, valuable, yet ultimately wearable or collected MOOSE AMBER art pieces.

Over 30 years in amber business

combining centuries-old crafting traditions with modern production techniques

Over 100 exhibitions

throughout the world while successfully advocating our jewellery

12 experts

craftsmen, designers and jewellers transforming raw amber and moose antlers into distinctive art pieces

Over 700 kilograms

of raw Baltic amber are processed every year

Over 1200 kilograms

of moose antlers are processed every year

Over 40 countries

around the globe are part of our exclusive trade network

Over 1000 unique clients

throughout the world wearing our jewellery

100% ownership

ensuring high quality and thoughtful practices are maintained across all business processes

MOOSE AMBER company has been growing successfully for over 30 years already. During this time, it has established a strong reputation based on company’s core values of professionalism, passion, commitment, integrity and transcendence.

We are immensely proud of our people, who bring great expertise and share both passion and commitment for the highest quality craftsmanship, distinctive artistry, innovative design, sustainability, rich and colourful heritage behind locally and ethically sourced authentic raw materials – Baltic Amber and Moose Antlers

— A. Jukna, CEO of MOOSE AMBER —

Embracing company’s values, MOOSE AMBER continuously seeks to strengthen the brand and keep it focused on fundamental purpose: to make customers as proud to buy Baltic Amber and Moose Antler Creations from MOOSE AMBER as everyone inside the company is to sell them.

MOOSE AMBER brand is positioned around a tagline – Your One-Of-A-Kind Baltic Amber & Moose Antler Creations. It perfectly reflects company’s shared mission: to create distinctive and timeless handmade jewels, translating as a piece of art and feast for the eyes – the ultimate pleasure to own and wear for generations.

Craftsmanship ✦ Materials ✦ Design ✦ Quality ✦ Responsibility

MOOSE AMBER fine jewellery is a statement of sublime craftsmanship, life-long love for unique indigenous materials, passion for innovative design with a nod to the past, commitment to the utmost quality and responsibility to use and promote thoughtful business practices

MOOSE AMBER has a close cooperation with the world’s leading amber organization, International Amber Association (IAA) and is a member of International Moose Antler Jewellery Association (IMAJA). These co-operations are very important to us in order to ensure the high quality of our amber and moose antler products.

Every single MOOSE AMBER design piece must pass exhaustive series of quality inspections by trusted experts before it can carry MOOSE AMBER name and is sold for the most discerning clientele

The presence of these two symbols guarantees You the absolute best quality of amber and moose antler used: