Complete Satisfaction Promise

AV STUDIO has more than 30 years of experience and technical insight into working with rich and colourful heritage having genuine raw materials – Baltic amber and leather.

Here, at AV STUDIO, we share RESPECT for tradition and intricate craftsmanship, life-long LOVE for unique indigenous materials, PASSION for innovative, contemporary design with a nod to the past, COMMITMENT to the utmost quality and exacting standards and RESPONSIBILITY to use and promote thoughtful practices at every step across all our processes in order to create exquisitely designed timeless handmade fine jewellery and art pieces for the most discerning clientele.

As we oversee the entire process from raw material procurement to final product distribution, we can ensure that every MOOSE AMBER piece is in accordance with our utmost quality and exacting standards. More, we are committed to adhere to socially responsible and highly ethical business practices, as evidenced by our membership and association with the industry’s most prestigious organizations, including International Amber Association (IAA) and International Moose Antler Jewellery Association (IMAJA). These co-operations are very important to us in order to ensure the high quality of our amber and moose antler products.

Though some exceptions may apply, items purchased here at AV STUDIO may generally be exchanged or refunded if a client is not completely satisfied with his / her jewellery or art piece. We kindly ask our clients to notify AV STUDIO within 14 days of receipt of the goods by email at:, indicating the number of the order, the name of the item(s) a client wants to return / exchange and reason behind this for each item. Once client has notified us that he / she is cancelling or willing to exchange his / her order, a client will receive information on how to return the goods a client is not satisfied about.

Below, there are several key notes from our RETURNS & EXCHANGES terms and conditions [FOR MORE DETAILS PLEASE CLICK ON THE ACTIVE LINK ABOVE]:

▪️ Right of cancellation requires the items to be returned in the same pristine condition, quantity and packaging, as originally received. The right of cancellation will lapse if a client uses the items in a way, which obviously reduces the sales value.

▪️ If an exchange is required, client’s order will first be refunded, and a new order then could be placed.

▪️ If the item received turns out to be faulty due to manufacturer’s fault, AV STUDIO will replace it free of charge or will provide with a full refund. In this case, AV STUDIO will cover return shipping fees too.

▪️ If submitting faulty or incorrect items to AV STUDIO where the failure or malfunction, defined and specified by the client is not found, the item will be returned to the client. AV STUDIO will not cover the expenses for the return shipment.