Daring Design

Since AV STUDIO establishment, craftsmanshipinnovation, creativity have been at the core of our creations. Despite our commitment to preserve and enhance the ancestral savoir-faire, skills and techniques of the industry, we, however, are constantly nurturing our unbounded creativity and desire to innovate, enabling us to sketch the contours of timeless, unique and daring Baltic amber and leather designs.

Commitment to our cornerstone state-of-art design philosophy drives us to constantly develop our technical, artistic and aesthetic performance. Akin to works of art, our fine jewellery and art pieces are made by the top-notch craftsmen in our country and feature some of the world’s most charming and sublime materials

Creativity is essential here at AV STUDIO, thus we highly encourage and support inventiveness at all levels of our company. We always seek to stand out as pioneering, visionary jewellers, aiming to keep the rich heritage of our craftsmanship. Our highly trained artisans are ever ready to let their imagination go free, and to create without compromise. By blending traditions dating back centuries with cutting-edge innovations, audacious and visionary designs, once only pictured in dreams, become stunning reality. New and surprising shapes are constantly studied and re-imagined, to enhance beauty and blend the timeless with the contemporary.