High Quality

At AV STUDIO we firmly believe that sublime craftsmanship starts with responsible sourcing of high-quality raw materials. It should be however fostered with socially, environmentally, and ethically sound business practices. We value traceability and the importance of knowing the origin of our materials from the moment they are unearthed and throughout their journey to final designs.

AV STUDIO uses only 100% deliberately and ethically sourced premium quality Baltic amber and leather

Commitment to quality as well as to thoughtful business practices are few of our fundamental success pillars, making each AV STUDIO product authentic and unique. We create our products using only premium quality, certified, 100% genuine natural, not pressed, non-consolidated pieces of Baltic amber and naturally shed moose antlers.

Acknowledged AV STUDIO professionals combine centuries-old crafting traditions with avant-garde technology, as well as lifelong expertise and technical insights in working with our delicate and complex mediums – amber and antlers. In addition, all raw materials used for our products, piece by piece, are not only deliberately and ethically sourced, but also have to pass rigorous visual and tactile quality controls before and after the production process. As we oversee the entire process from raw material procurement to final product distribution, we can ensure that every AV STUDIO piece is in accordance with our utmost quality and exacting standards.

Every single AV STUDIO design piece must pass exhaustive series of quality inspections by trusted experts before it can carry AV STUDIO name and is sold for the most discerning clientele

We believe it is our moral duty to sustain the natural environment. As a result, we are committed to adhere to socially responsible and highly ethical business practices. These co-operations are very important to us in order to ensure the high quality of our amber and moose antler products.