Passion for Baltic Amber

We have a deep-rooted passion for Baltic amber here at AV STUDIO and pride ourselves on creating stunning, one-of-a-kind amber jewellery pieces everyone can use to make a statement every day. Since Neolithic times, this precious gemstone was highly sought after for its natural beauty, individuality and warm glow.

The oldest, most valuable amber takes us even 30-60 million years back to the bygone world. Ancient coniferous trees produced a resin that would seep out into the forest floor, trapping within any small insects, pieces of wood or plants, feathers and even hair that touched it. On its journey through time, the resin hardened, and the raw nature formed it into amber. Most of the oldest (thus the most valuable) amber comes from the region around the Baltic Sea. Our precious Lithuanian Gold – Baltic Amber – is exceptionally treasured among amber jewellery collectors.

Amber is more than just a gem. It’s a time capsule allowing us to take a glimpse at what nature was like when dinosaurs walked the Earth

Jewellery with Lithuanian gold was one of our very first product lines we introduced when we started our business. AV STUDIO stocks a wide range of different amber hues, each as rich and varied as the next. Our speciality is Baltic amber, which appears naturally in a spectrum of colours in and around the Baltic coast region of Europe, dependent on what kind of heat and pressure the rock was formed under through the millennia.

The key to our success is combining traditional craftsmanship and modern technologies. We are extremely proud of our diverse team of jewellers, designers and manufacturers. Thanks to them we are able to accomplish the entire jewellery making process from start to finish. Each and every amber accessory at AV STUDIO is produced from 100% natural certified, not pressed, non-consolidated pieces of Baltic amber. All gems (as well as other materials used for our products, like moose antlers and sheepskin hide) are not only deliberately and ethically sourced, but also have to pass rigorous visual and tactile quality controls before and after the production process. More, as we oversee the entire process from raw material procurement and design to manufacturing and distribution, we are certain about the exceptional quality and uniqueness of our products.

AV STUDIO uses only 100% natural certified, not pressed, non-consolidated, premium quality Baltic amber