Unique Materials

MOOSE AMBER always sought to promote intangible cultural heritage as well as unique properties and beauty of genuine local raw materials: national gemstone – amber (also known as Lithuanian Gold) and antlers of the King of Baltic forests – moose.

Our team of leading artisans has been channelling its acknowledged technical, gemmological, and artistic expertise into the raw materials used to develop magnificent and unique bejewelled creations. Recognized as great connoisseurs and sculptors of such complex materials as amber and antler, we have always given priority to working these materials whose grandeur is revealed beneath the craftsmen hands.

Our fine jewellery and decorative designs are wondrous works of art revealing and celebrating the mesmerizing mystique and allure of our authentic raw materials – Baltic amber and moose antlers

Both, Baltic amber and moose antlers have long been the materials that inspire us to reach new heights of beauty and mastery. We pride ourselves on our team’s savoir-faire, dedication to quality and its continuing spirit of innovation. We relentlessly look for new, even yet inconceivable ways of assembling materials in order to step beyond the classical methods of jewellery setting and offer new stylistic alternatives.

For over 30 years already MOOSE AMBER has represented exquisite creations, asserting the unfailing excellence of the authentic raw materials used: amber nuggets, antlers or even sheepskin hide. We have employed our team’s proficiency and experience, personally selecting raw material and presiding over every step of its journey, until it is placed in its own impeccable setting. Our customers can be assured that they will own the most beautiful Baltic amber or moose antler creations in terms of their intrinsic quality and provenance. MOOSE AMBER uses only 100% deliberately and ethically sourced premium quality materials.

Baltic amber and moose antlers are fascinating jewels that embody a grandeur that needs to be seen, appreciated and, ultimately, proudly held and worn for generations

It takes limitless passion, commitment to details, impressive dexterity, precision, vision and patience in order to unlock that exceptional beauty and radiance of our charming and authentic raw materials. Blessed with the most profound skills and expertise in the setting and choosing the right raw materials for processing, MOOSE AMBER artisans work their magic to coax that medium into expressing the most audacious design concepts.